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As a verb, "to blossom" is an expression usually applied by those of a mystical leaning, that's why we chose it. It conveys a sense of destiny, and suggests a process for it's successful materialization. To Blossom is to bring into fruition, to make spring a certain seed, to bare results of growth through maturity. We apply these ideas into our own endeavor, a record label that stands out. "Primus inter pares." We make it an effort to bring to our listener an array of music, where emotional honesty and creative originality is more important than trend or public demand. Blossom Kollektiv is chosen from a variety of sources and creators, from where the same commitment and capacity is found. In whatever aesthetic universe or musical presentation we delve in, or in whatever manner we try to dance to the music we choose to put out in the world, we always seek to convey truth as we see it.